Canvas Prints and Gallery Wraps

We have some of the best prices around and now, even better color!

Use these prints to turn your photographic images into works of art. With the beautiful canvas surface and a full one and a half inch of wrap around all sides, they add an almost 3 dimensional depth hanging on any wall. Use them for portraits, weddings, panel displays, even scenic panorama shots. We can even make composits from photographs or negatives and combine them into one canvas. No more frames cluttering up your shelves and tables.

With our new printing system we are now producing an exceptionally wider color gamut, or how many colors we can reproduce on a print, while enhanced image processing provides for smooth color transitions. And with optimized black density we are able to create a greater range of gray tones for dramatic contrast and delicate gradations.

In other words, our ability to produce the finest color available just got even better.

Our special software allows us to “stretch” your image around the sides. Assuming the proper print size is selected for your image, this means none of your image is cropped off during the gallery wrap process. Best of all, it is included in the price.

8×10 $21.25 8×10 $11.95
12×12 $24.50 12×12 $12.95
11×14 $26.25 11×14 $13.95
10X20 $31.95 10X20 $14.75
16×20 $33.89 16×20 $14.95
16z24 $38.25 16×24 $15.95
20×20 $38.25 20×20 $16.25
20×24 $39.49 20×24 $16.95
20×30 $47.50 20×30 $17.50
24×30 $59.95 24×30 $19.35
24×36 $68.25 24×36 $22.25
30×40 $84.50 30×40 $25.50

We have in stock all the “stretcher bar” sizes listed above. They can be mixed and matched to create different size prints other than those listed. For instance, if you would like a panoramic print that is 8×40, we would simply take the 8 inch bar from the 8×10 size and combine it with a 40 inch bar from the 30×40. Any combination using these sizes can be printed. We can also order stretcher bars sizes that are not listed. Just let us know what size you need.