Our Software


WorkStream DS (Digital Studio) runs in the photographer’s studio.  No need to wait to upload files using online software. You can start working on your order within seconds. WorkStream DS is used to prepare images and orders that will be printed at The Darkroom. All aspects of the order can be entered by you, the photographer, including image color corrections, cropping and composition, retouching, and product selection. WorkStream DS automatically generates an order archive and database for your studio. Orders prepared in WorkStream transfer seamlessly to The Darkroom Professional for true quality production.

This software is Roes and Lab Prints all rolled into one. Best of all, and unlike the other two, its is no charge to the customers of The Darkroom Professional.

Order Creation

Make up orders easily. Enter the order elements desired, including image product selection, package and print selection, onscreen cropping, rotating, retouching, resizing, quantity, composition, and color correction.

To enter your customer’s orders, simply select an entire folder. Specify which of the images will be printed. Cite the “products” or packages to be produced for each of the images. Products are clearly outlined in the “Products Window”. There are standard prints, package prints, and custom sizes.

Image File Management

Manage the images without worries or difficulties. WorkStream DS enables you to input, organize, manage, and archive image files. Integrate them into your customer database.

Manage the images using resizing, cropping, zooming, and color correction.

Track your orders for confidence.

Images are viewed as thumbnails. You can adjust to the size and quantity of the thumbnails displayed on the screen to your preference.

Custom Cropping

Cropping on-screen is very fast and easy. By double-clicking, the image opens full-screen. You can crop by dragging the crop box into the desired position. Double-click again, and move on to the next image or, simply click the arrow button to bring up the next image in the file.

“On-Screen Soft Proofing” Color Correction

WorkStream software also allows “on-screen soft proofing” for the entire order. As you adjust the color controls, the color balance will change on your monitor. With an ICC profiled monitor, what you see (on the screen) is what you will get on the finished print! You can perfect the color, density, contrast, and saturation across a group of images simultaneously. You will get great results with total ease and confidence.


WorkStream DS supports the retouching of images at the click of button. Open the image that you want to retouch. Click on the “Retouch” button to open the image in Photoshop or whichever retouching program you use. The altered image will be transferred back to WorkStream.

Download Workstream DS

Download both files—Double click on File one to install the program—Once installed double click on File 2 to configure the software for The Darkroom Professional.