Fine Art Metals

Add a touch of class and style to any wall.

The colors on these panels are rich and vibrant more so than we have seen on any other product The Darkroom has ever produced.

Printed on aluminum, they can be hung on a wall with extension blocks so they appear to almost hover away from the wall. A-frame easels are available for placement on a coffee table, end tables, or bookshelves. Multiple panes may also be hung together to produce a panoramic style print or larger mural.

Available in Gunmetal, Matte, or Glossy surfaces (We highly recommend Glossy).

8×10 $24.50 Ea 11.5×11.5(pictured above) $28.95 Ea
11×14 $32.75 Ea 11.5×11.5 Mural(4 or more) $23.95 Ea
Wall Mounting Blocks $3.45 Installed