Metallic Canvas

IT ALMOST LOOKS REAL”(Actual Customer Quote!)

Our New Metallic Canvas is a very slight glossy, metallic silver media that has an increase level of detail and vibrancy.

The Metallic glow of this material helps create striking canvas prints that has been described as “chrome on paper” and “it looks like you can reach into it”

With its increased color gamut for stronger, brighter, more vibrant colors it has a wide range of applications-from Scenics, Weddings, Portraits, Photo Decor and Display Images. Black and White images also take on a life of their own with Metallic Canvas.

Metallic Canvas can be wrapped around a 1.5 inch stretch frame and easily hung on a wall with just a small nail or mounted on artboard for a stiff backing if you prefer to frame it. Try it. You will NOT be disappointed .

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8×10 $29.25 8×10 $11.95
12×12 $32.50 12×12 $12.95
11×14 $34.25 11×14 $13.95
10X20 $39.95 10X20 $14.75
16×20 $43.89 16×20 $14.95
16z24 $53.25 16×24 $15.95
20×20 $55.25 20×20 $16.25
20×24 $64.49 20×24 $16.95
20×30 $68.50 20×30 $17.50
24×30 $77.95 24×30 $19.35
24×36 $86.25 24×36 $22.25
30×40 $99.95 30×40 $25.50

We have in stock all the “stretcher bar” sizes listed above. They can be mixed and matched to create different size prints other than those listed.
For instance, if you would like a panoramic print that is 8×40, we would simply take the 8 inch bar from the 8×10 size and combine it with a 40 inch bar from the 30×40. Any combination using these sizes can be printed. We can also order stretcher bars sizes that are not listed. Just let us know what size you need.