Hardbound Lay Flat Photo Books

PhotoBook Plus

Features and Options

Our new, all-panorama PhotoBook Plus offers bountiful sizes and thicker pages. Each PhotoBook Plus can be customized with so many options, the “plus” isn’t just about the larger sizes.


* Thicker pages: With its thick pages, you can expect durability and a presentation so handsome it can serve as a main bridal book.

* Lay-flat pages: The attractive lay-flat pages are created using a state of the art digital press. Sheets are printed as a spread resulting in a seamless gutter to enhance the panorama style that just one of the desirable features of the PhotoBook Plus.


* New Matte or Gloss Paper – Choose your paper finish from the New Matte with the pebble-like surface texture and non-lamintated page finish. The new matte paper offers a rich, luxurious quality that gives your images a distinguished appearance. or the gloss paper that has been our standard since we introduced the PhotoBook Plus.

* Image Cover with Leather Spine and Back: combine a full-image cover with the added elegance of a leather spine and back of your choice.

4×6 with 20pages(10 Spreads) $110.00
10×10 with 20 pages(10 Spreads) $240.00
12×12 with 20 pages(10 Spreads) $265.00
Additional 2 pages(1 Spread) $12.75
4×6 “parent album” 20 pages $110.00

Simply download the photos you want to use, and we will create your very own unique book. Up to 150 images may be chosen. If you prefer you can create your own templates. Use a 3/4 inch bleed for 10×10/12×2 size book and 1/4 inch bleed for the 4×6 book.

Click here Upload Manager for instructions on how to upload your images to us.